War! Huh! Yea, What is it good for?

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Don’t worry, this won’t be a political blog but I find it appropriate given what occurs on November 2nd. I wrote the letter below back in May of 2006 to Senator DeWine and I find it rather disturbing that not much has changed. I know most of you will not find this interesting or care nonetheless but American lives continue to be taken for a purpose still not clearly defined.

Dear Senator DeWine,

I write you today as an American concerned about the state of our great country.  I have thought long and hard about writing such a letter hoping that its contents will find its way into your hands.

As a voting Ohioan, I find it discouraging that my voice, a voice I feel echoes the voices of many in this growing silent majority, may not be heard.  But I will no longer let that deter me. My heart and my mind have reached the boiling point.  I can no longer stand by without stating that something different needs to be done.

I do applaud your continual efforts to reach across the aisle, to find a way through the partisan infighting and bipartisan bickering.  Ultimately, I have faith that the people who run this country do want peace.  I believe there is good in all human hearts, but greed is a very powerful distraction.  And I believe that greed and complacency have taken the place over ideals and peace during our time.

In those pivotal election years of 2000 and 2004, I voted straight Republican tickets, hoping that the steps taken during this turn in the new century would demonstrate global leadership, to serve as that shining city upon the hill again.  Instead we’ve become the target of the underprivileged and the barbaric, united against a self-entitled America.

American men and women are still in Iraq and Afghanistan with no clear strategy outlined and no end in sight.  Iran grows closer to nuclear capabilities, oil prices continue to soar and the President’s approval ratings are at historical lows. What progress have we made since that tragic day more than five years ago?  Is our goal truly the democratization of the Middle East, which theoretically would lead to the safekeeping of the United States and its interests?

I fear that we’ve painted ourselves into a corner caught in the midst of civil war and playing with fire over an Islamic form of democracy.  You can say we rid the world of a ruthless dictator and ousted a tyrannical government in the Taliban.  What did we replace it with?  And at what cost?  Billions in American treasure and thousands in American blood.

We’ve lost sight of the priorities set by our founding fathers.  I know this whole war on terrorism is beyond what I will ever know, just like Robert McNamara said about Vietnam.   There are things involved that even the highest government officials don’t realize.

But Americans are neither ignorant nor blind. Time passes and the pain dwindles, and we can finally see through the fog. The premise of the war in Iraq was thin to say the least, but the cloud obscuring the shifting wartime priorities is lifting.

Granted Lincoln changed his wartime strategy from the preservation of the Union to the emancipation of the slave.  FDR shifted from the liberation of Europe to the liberation of the Jew to the freedom of the world.  Those moves were made for the good of humanity, and in turn, America.  But it seems this war was preordained by a government looking for an excuse to enter into a billion dollar industry that is the military industrial complex.

We, as Americans, the ones you represent, have a right to know if this war was engaged for the purpose of greed. It is hard to disregard the record breaking profits of the oil industry and the increased contracts to the Pentagon’s top ten contractors.  I won’t bog you down with the numbers.

They say hindsight is 20/20.  However, when the richest and most-advanced intelligence department can’t see the mounting evidence piling up for a grand attack against America, then questions like ‘how’ and ‘why’ need to be asked and eventually answered, truthfully.  I am asking you to find a way to get our Congress and our President to address these issues, and to set a clear strategy for this nation.

Thank you for taking the time to consider these issues.


Yes, this blog is called Sweetteapralines

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Why Sweetteapralines you ask? Well, it’s simple really; I like sweet tea and pralines. More importantly though, you should be asking what is this blog going to be about and honestly, it will be about my wife and how amazingly hot she is in sweatpants. Siiiike or psych or whatever. But seriously, you will come to love this blog, you will come here daily anticipating the brilliance that will make up “sweetteapralines”. See, don’t you love saying that already…..sweet tea pralines, come one keep saying it…..sweet tea pralines.

OK, now that we have the awesome intro out of the way (and notice how I didn’t say what this blog is actually about), we can get down to business. Someone needs to buy me this immediately: 

Don’t worry my comrades, there will be plenty of goodness later. Good night and good luck.

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